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Hi ...

a little bio about me...


photograph - I am passionate about it and will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

I am a family man , a father of 4 and grandfather of five

I took up photography as a hobby 6+ years ago and in the the last 2 years I  have taken it more seriously than I ever thought I would to the point it way past being a hobby


I undertook formal qualifications in the technical aspects of photography and via workshops learnt the craft of engaging someone in a photography session.


I am now fully committed and invested in the craft and love the continued learning that the craft presents me. I have goals and targets that I am striving to achieve and i am excited by what the future holds.

I have met some wonderful people in my short time and learnt a lot from them - people that I am still close to and continue to enjoy their consult and mentorship - some of whom are "doyens" in the industry

Having worked in the IT industry for many years the technical aspect of photography was not difficult to establish, but what I have enjoyed most about this journey so far is the non technical elements of photography - the creativity - the subject engagement - directing and posing subjects - relationship building - thinking on your feet - session planning ... all the elements that my mentors quite rightly tell me are more important than the technical aspects of photography.

One thing I can guarantee you,  is that with our sessions together you will have my undivided and total dedication to ensure we capture the type of images you are after - I will work at a pace that will enable me  to engage  you in an experience that will make you comfortable and one that will bring out your real personality and character.

So don't be afraid - reach out an contact me and we can achieve something special together.



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