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ICN - I Compete Naturally

I have the pleasure of being the backstage photographer for ICN Muscle and Model World Alliance.

ICN , stands for I Compete Naturally , meaning a drug free environment for competitors to compete in which is rigidly adhered to.

There are multiple disciplines. These include bodybuilding , Fitness model Sports Model , Momma , Swimsuit model swimsuits , bikini and physique.

In addition to the disciplines , there is also a strong mixture of categories. These include Open class , 30+ , 40+ , 50+ , rookie , rising star and some weight categories.

These athletes are highly disciplined and take up to six moths to prepare for a competition season.

Whilst competitive there is a kindred spirit among the athletes and they have and openly show a genuine respect for each other. 

This is the culture that separates ICN from other competitions and I why I am proud to be part of the  ICN Family.


That family is worldwide with associations in many countries around the world including a very strong presence in Australia

These images are portrait style images of the athletes . Some are structured around their on stage posing program and others a bit casual and model orientated.

I hope you enjoy them

Simply click on the relevant competition tile ,highlighting selected athletes from that competition.

PS - don't forget to click on an a favourite image and highlight as one of your favourites

IMG_6926 copy.jpg
_MG_6653 copy.jpg

ICN Sthn X and Winter Show
Nov 2022

ICN Victorian Champs
Dec 2022

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